2nd International Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts and Humanitie

Call for Papers – 2nd International Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts and Humanities


2nd International Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts and Humanities: « On Interaction/ Interactivity in Music, Design, Visual and Performing Arts », July 24-30, 2008. Baden-Baden, Germany

In conjunction with InterSymp-2008: 20th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and CyberneticsInternational Institute for

Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics

We are pleased to announce the 2nd International Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts and Humanities (SSRAH): « On Interaction/ Interactivity in Music, Design, Visual and Performing Arts », a special interdisciplinary two-day event to be held in Baden-Baden, Germany.

While we encourage research discussions related to the Intersymp2008’s main theme of « systems research and cybernetics », the Symposium in the Arts and Humanities intends to endorse and expand this debate into the exploration of both ‘theoretical frameworks’ and novel ‘applications and

processes’. The aim will be advancing interdisciplinary investigations between the domains of music, architecture, urban and industrial design, dance, performance, theatre, digital media and visual arts.

This year’s Symposium intends to initiate research dialogues between disciplines and practices on the topic of Interaction and/or Interactivity, taking into consideration their diverse manifestations (physical/ material/ digital/ virtual/etc), and forms as in human-human and human-machine relationships. Possible panel themes for conference submissions include, but are not limited to, the following:

I. inter- face/action/relation/section;
II. representations: modelling, mapping, and (per)forming;
III. processes: in motion, e-motion, and emotion;
IV. living forms, lived spaces.

Proposals for sessions and individual papers are invited from authors (academics and practitioners) of diverse fields of investigation, according to one of the following formats: academic research paper, creative writing essay, report on practice-based work or educational programme, performance and/or workshop. All proposals will be judged based on their scholarly quality, originality and potential for further discourse.

Proposals submitted for review should include: title of paper; abstract, in English, of approximately 300 words; 3 to 5 keywords, representative of theme and concepts addressed; short paragraph with author(s)’s biography, briefly stating field of specialisation or areas of interest and academic/ professional affiliation. As contributions will be peer-reviewed, please submit proposals and full papers electronically, as e-mail attachments in MS Word format, to the symposium’s email address sympsrah@gmail.com.

Paper Proposals/Abstracts should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than March 31, 2008. Notification of Acceptance and a Paper Template will be sent to authors by April 14, 2008. As in previous years, those selected will be scheduled for a 30-minute presentation plus 15-minute discussion, and will be invited to submit the camera-ready full paper of approximately 2,500 words including references (not to exceed 5 single- spaced typed pages), by no later than May 25, 2008.

Info : http://www.iias.edu/pdf_08/2008-CFP_Systems_Research_Arts_Humanities.pdf

Publié par Paule Mackrous

Après un parcours universitaire en histoire de l’art (BAC, Maitrise) et en sémiologie (Phd), j’ai fait un petit virage en horticulture (DEP, ASP) et en foresterie urbaine (arboricultrice certifiée ISA et études de deuxième cycle en agroforesterie), un domaine dans lequel j’œuvre avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme aujourd’hui! Je poursuis mon travail d’historienne de l’art et de sémioticienne par l’écriture et la recherche, surtout durant la saison hivernale, lorsque la lumière s’amenuise, que le sol gèle et que les plantes dorment. Sur mon blogue, je publie des textes de réflexion sur l’art, la nature et la foresterie selon les lectures du moment, les lieux visités, les œuvres rencontrées.

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