Le numéro mars/avril du magazine Step Inside Design présente un article bref, mais intéressant sur l’art dans Second Life. On y parle de DanCoyotte Antonelli, Sabine Stonebender et Filthy Fluno.

« But what’s new here is this art exists in a space that’s acces­sible and interactively enabled worldwide. Second Life is a “sim,” otherwise known as a simulated environment, in which anything can be built using objects called “prims,” or primitives. And the tools available in Second Life to design the prims allow for stag­gering effects: SL artworks are unfettered by real-life constraints on shape, size or materials; artwork may have unlimited forms and properties, and may be easily or continuously modified; vis­itors may teleport or fly into and “through” the art, which can scale, replicate, shift or change in any way its creator wishes, at any speed and within any time frame. »

Lire l’article : Virtual Artworks: if it exists in a digital world, is it art?


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