(Tele)Presence and Communication
Communication and Technology

Schedule Information:
Scheduled Time: Fri, May 23 – 4:30pm – 5:45pm
Building/Room: Le Centre Sheraton / Drummond East

Session Participants:

Session Organizer: Cheryl Campanella Bracken (Cleveland State U)

Chair: Cheryl Campanella Bracken (Cleveland State U)
Participant: Matthew Lombard (Temple U)
Participant: Frank Biocca (Michigan State U)
Participant: Ron Tamborini (Michigan State U)
Participant: Jeremy N. Bailenson (Stanford U)
Participant: Paul Skalski (Cleveland State U)
Participant: Wijnand A. Ijsselsteijn (Eindhoven U of Technology)

The concept of presence, variously defined as a sense of ‘being there,’ a ‘sensation of reality,’ and more generally as ‘an illusion of nonmediation,’ is being examined by a growing international community of scholars in diverse fields from computer science to philosophy, but the concept has particular relevance to Communication. This panel, co-sponsored by the International Society for Presence Research (ISPR), features presentations by and discussions among scholars at the forefront of work in this area.

Each presenter will make a brief presentation (under 10 minutes), to allow time for questions and discussion. The round table will begin with a brief overview of the concept of presence. The other presenters will discuss areas of Communication where presence has been investigated. These areas include research on video games and online communities, interactions with avatars, video conferencing, future/new media, and impact of Internet on health communication. Each panelist has been directed to discuss how presence has informed their area of research, and the current status, and potential future of presence research and theory within Communication. Further, the panel will outline opportunities for Communication scholars to get more information about developments related to presence research and the presence community.


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