À VOIR…The Accidental Artist

Aujoud’hui ainsi que demain, Alan Sondheim fera une performance dans le monde virtuel multiparticipants Second Life. The Accidental Artist aura lieu à 10pm EDT pour les deux soirs sur la très fameuse île Odyssey. L’artiste souhaite questionner la figure humaine et réfléchir sur la notion d’avatar. Voici ce qui en est dit :
« PERFORMERS: Foofwa d’Imobilite, Azure Carter, Kira Sedlock, David Bello, Alan Sondheim, Sandy Baldwin

WRITE HOME: ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! Poor little avatars hide behind poor little avatars! Avatars ab/use! Avatars don’t need air! You can’t weigh them! They don’t know the meaning of the word! THESE avatars don’t know anything! They’re weighed down by coordinates! They can’t fuck! Their prims bend, smash! Smashed prims are prims. Hello, hello! Video and performance spewed from a laboratory of virtual environments. IN MY WORLD, THERE ARE NO ERRORS, ONLY SEDUCTIONS!

The human figure’s place in art gets turned inside out here in this world of unfolded and refolded geometries. What remains of the body in the domain of the virtual? What survives the transition? Could this still be called a body? Where are we going in this crossing over into bits, why are we going there/nowhere and what does it say about the nature of human desire? At what point does a beautiful accident become a tragic mistake? Is there truly such a thing as a mistake? »

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