Da(t/d)a Collage

Billet pour le séminaire Remix Culture CURaymond Quenaud’s 100th exercise in style

Da(t/d)a collage made from Google Image search engine (by typing words from different story versions in Raymond Quenaud’s book Exercices in Style, Paris, Gallimard, 1947

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On the Internet, images and words are datas, but in our experience, they are much more then that. It always amazes me when I type a word on the search engines and see what images are linked to them. As I searched for the word « argument », I found mostly pictures of couples fighting. I was actually looking for two men, but then, they were physically fighting, which was not what I was looking for. Links people make between words and images end out to be very interesting from a semiotic point of view!

I always thought Dada collages as more litterary then visual (artwork), although I don’t like to make a radical scission in between them. As I was putting together the images to attempt (humbly) to « build » Quenaud’s story, I felt like I was writing. In return, writing, especially theoritical stuff, often feels like painting to me 🙂 Maybe it’s just a matter of mood…

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