Remixing Rhythm Science : an exploration

Remixing the now into a past that doesn’t exist. Sampling : creating with found objects. What else could a historian of art do? Don’t write. Make. Create a past for the present to come and a present for the future to pass. Fiction needs time. Time needs fiction. Facts are, dot. Blur the eyes of the beholder by transfiguring everything into the present. As everything is Gone with the wind,

Scarlett O’Hara says : « Tomorrow is another day »

I say : « Today is another tomorrow »

A theoretician’s material is synchronicity. A historian’s timeline is made out of simultaneity. Both are archivists of sound, text and image. Create theory so it becomes a way to move into the pictures that you will describe with words, texts, sounds, smells, tastes and more pictures. Don’t allow time to fill your thoughts

Start with anything that comes through your mind : a little shack for the summer. And go on with associations. A lake. A forest. A village. A sun. A river. A table. A puzzle. YES, that’s it. Make a puzzle out of anything. And screw it just before sharing. Press RETURN to process.

Same things, different views.

It’s a loop, but each time it’s a scoop.

This is not interdisciplinary, but TRANCEdisciplinary. Split each words you read in half. Have you read the word trance? What is trance? To be crossed with something else. Trance. Old word. Primitive. Trance is what you are when you decide to be.

Make music while writing. Keyboard is a piano. Play jazz on the keyboard and let the words flow. Don’t read the words. Look at them. Jack Kerouac : On the road. Typewriting through jazz. Novels make sense in rhythms. Same thing for theory.

Broadcast yourself. Show others many selves. Build yourself an intelligent character, so you can go crazy the rest of the time.

Keyboard yourselves. Keyboard many selves : these are YOUR selves. Contradictions is the key to your stagnant keyboarding :

You are not a gentleman Brett 😦 !

Don’t pretend, but tend. Search for new memories. Don’t take yours for granted. Here are some great ones that I made up for your s(h)elves (please, turn on the volume) :

Theory has become noise. Don’t make more noise. Make your own path through the noise. Track yourself in it.

Theory/Make something like it/Don’t spit on it/ but kill it/ and resuscitate it/People will adore it/It feels like God

Cook it/eat it/make it raw for the next person to use it. (chorus)

Crowd/Make your path in the crowd/Hear it/Remix it/Give it back to the crowd/ If they don’t take it/ remix it again/ If they don’t want it/ Swallow it

Cook it/eat it/make it raw for the next person to use it. (chorus)

Small/Make it small/ and local/Spread it all/ to the glocal/ Sow it/Wait for it to grow/If glocal is too tall/ keep it small/ but feed it/ and spread it/ If nothing happens to it

Cook it/eat it/make it raw for the next person to use it. (chorus)

Conferences : titles and titles and titles. Articles : titles and titles and titles. Products and products. Noise. Anybody listening? No. Scary. What hasn’t been done? Nothing.


Stop is the most relevant thing to do. Stop : make pictures in the crowd. Choreograph the urban space with banality. Deal with its spontaneity. Infiltrate it by filtering it. Make Today’s invisibility visible for tomorrow. Collective is the way. Body is the instrument. Your body knows. What else do you have? Trust it, make something out of it. Infiltrate the flow. Show the incessant flow by creating a freeze. PLAY TAG WITH THE NOW. Make a picture of bodies out of the timeline. Make it timeless. No beginning, no end. No stage, no trend. Make Unidentified Dancing Objects :

Technology : a bridge. Split the word. Did you read « ridge » without the « b » but with the « be ». Yes, there is a bridge in between ridges. Interior and exterior. Use it, think through it. Don’t remain on one ridge, but create more gaps to bridge.

The true nature of theoreticians is tightrope walker : infinity of ridges, infinity of bridges. Risk.

Too French? Too American? What does it mean? Be it, you’ll know.

Remix French into English and add a little bit of Spanish :

Bonjour, how are tu? Je me siento very bien. Non, no estoy crazy, si, of course, je me feel muy good. Ne worry pas por me ☺

Sources :
Inspired by DJ Spookie, Rhythm Science
Texts in this color is taken from Spookie’s book
Drawings are from my own little gallery online
I made the first video with images from Flickr, the music is made out of sounds found on the Internet as well as my own sounds.
The second video contains exerpts of a performance that I participated in (this was a repetition, the real performance took place in a larger public and was participative) downtown Montreal (November, 2009). It’s entitled Corps anonyme (anonymous bodies) from choreographer Katya Montaignac.

Publié par Paule Mackrous

Après un parcours universitaire en histoire de l’art (BAC, Maitrise) et en sémiologie (Phd), j’ai fait un petit virage en horticulture (DEP, ASP) et en foresterie urbaine (arboricultrice certifiée ISA et études de deuxième cycle en agroforesterie), un domaine dans lequel j’œuvre avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme aujourd’hui! Je poursuis mon travail d’historienne de l’art et de sémioticienne par l’écriture et la recherche, surtout durant la saison hivernale, lorsque la lumière s’amenuise, que le sol gèle et que les plantes dorment. Sur mon blogue, je publie des textes de réflexion sur l’art, la nature et la foresterie selon les lectures du moment, les lieux visités, les œuvres rencontrées.

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