Gotcha! a Net Art curatorial essay

I just finished this on-line « exhibition » entitled Gotcha! in which I explore, again and always, how to make connections in between Net art practice and Net art theory through what I called the « gotcha » effect. This effect seems to me very relevant to understand Net art (I explain more in the curatorial statement). As artists and theoriticians of Net art think and make through/with the same tools (computer, softwares, Internet…etc.), I’m trying to find an equilibrium in between the theorizing of the artworks and the « making » of a theory. Therefore, I believe that it is important for a theoritician to assume his subjectivity, which I did here…Maybe too much 😉 It was a hard exercise, because I don’t want it to be only entertaining, but I really want to bring something theoritical about the experience of a Net artwork. The equilibrium is really difficult to find. Well, this is an exploration : I had to start somewhere and make something!!! Here it goes :

Excerpt from my curatorial statement :

« Following these reflections on the phenomenological experience of the artwork, I decided to write different fictional narratives in which I embody a plausible character. My challenge here, as a curator, is to use these expansions of myself to create a possible situation, out of the many virtual situations, in which someone can fortuitously experience a specific artwork and the humorous gotcha effect that I want to underline. The narratives find their roots in a personal experience and at some point, they become totally imaginary. You can try to figure out when the shift happens, but the truth as much as what is “real” is not really relevant here. »

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